Castellina in Chianti

Castellina in Chianti
is reached by a road going up for 7/8 km that takes you to an altitude of 595m above sea level.
In fact, this Chianti village is located on the very top of a hill overlooking the Elsa valley; from here one can also spot the Metallifere hills, the only highs that block out the view of the Thyrrenian sea.

Like all the other Chianti villages, Castellina was originally a military outpost, eternally contended between Siena and Florence throughout history, as proved by the ancient medieval fortress and the even older, remarkable Etruscan settlements.

From Castellina one can easily reach the Elsa valley (‘Valdelsa’) and from here the town of SAN GIMIGNANO (famous for its towers), as well as MONTERIGGIONI (with its Round Walls mentioned by Dante) and SIENA.