"And the fields are opened, spreads the sweet mood,
now in the new sun rely shoots.
And the branch of the vine does not fear the rise of the Austrian winds
nor rain driven by large kites in the air,
but it frees buds and spreads its leaves. "

Virgil "The Georgics," Book II

The Winegrowers Association of Castellina in Chianti is born with the aim of enhancing, promoting and protecting our territory.

In the second half of ‘90s, Mayor Massimo Bianciardi with some friends, decided to organize a small event called "Chianti in Autumn", in the splendid setting of the "Volte" in Castellina in Chianti, the medieval walkway beneath the walls of the village.
It was a village festival, where some of the producers and restaurant owners were offering local products to the population. A few years after, the event was moved in Spring time, to enjoy a warmer weather and a more significant tourist flow; it got the name of "Pentecost in Castellina”.
In 2003, some Companies in Castellina in Chianti took the heritage of that event: they founded/ constituted an association, with the aim of promoting our area and enhancing its fruit. Quickly joined almost all Companies in the municipality, and today the association has more than 40 members.
In 2011, during the XVth edition of Pentecost, was inaugurated the 'Wine Shop of the Winegrowers” in Castellina, a space where you can taste our wines and receive information about all Companies and the territory